Our Philosophy

Mission: The Discovery School at Beechwood engages families, honors children as unique beings, and inspires them to explore and construct meaning of the world around them.

We hope to engage families that share our passion for the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood learning, which values the child as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge.  Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential, and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.  We carefully design learning experiences that build upon children’s natural curiosity, encourage exploration of our natural environment, and foster creative expression.  Our preschool emphasizes the connections between children, family, and school and engages families as an active part of their child’s educational experience.  


Our Beliefs About Children and Learning:

  • We believe there is strength in our uniqueness.  We value differences and respect all families as collaborators who contribute distinctive experiences and wisdom.  
  • We believe children are innately curious and creative, and learn best through active exploration and discovery.  

  • We believe learning should be joyful and challenging.  

  • We believe children learn best through feedback, reflection and seeing growth through their process of learning.

  • We believe that integrated learning helps children to see connections between discrete disciplines and recognize the value of what they are learning.  

Key Principles of our
Educational Approach

The Image of the Child

Children are capable beings who should actively participate in the creation of their own learning.  The curriculum is carefully designed, and emerges based on the interests and developmental needs of the children.

Creative Expression

Creativity is encouraged and honored as a necessary way for children to actively make meaning and communicate about their own learning.  We integrate the arts as a vital part of the program.

Documentation of Learning

We believe that learning is a process, and we work to tell the story of a child’s learning through active documentation (photos, work samples, student words, displays, portfolios, etc.)

Environment as Teacher

The learning environment is intentionally designed to inspire children to explore.  Every area is carefully planned to offer opportunities to think, construct, challenge, and create.  The natural environment is integrated as a vital part of learning.

Role of Educator

The educator is viewed as a partner in learning, alongside the children.  By listening, observing, and documenting children’s learning, the teacher is equipped to guide and facilitate experiences.

Role of Families

We value families as an essential component of our school community.  By truly listening to our families, we strive to create the conditions that foster engagement.